Top 5 Problems You Can Face in Online Shopping

Another revolution that is coming in India is online shopping. Hundreds of big shopping sites, big discounts and millions of transactions daily on these Ecommerce portal.

Online shopping has changed the way of shopping of the ordinary people. Online shopping is becoming part of every other person and it has made shopping the most convenient to people.

It also saves time and money of people as you can shop from your home or office or any place and can get the delivery of the products at the doorstep.

Also the products available online are unique which you can’t find with the local shopkeeper. Now each and every product is sold online and there are hundreds of websites who offer various products and services everything online and those also low prices.

But there are some major problems also which you can face in online shopping. To make you aware we are listing here some of the problems you can face in online shopping.

1. Quality & Right Product

Quality & Right Product is one of the main problem in shopping online. After getting the delivery of the product you may come to know that you have purchased wrong product. The size which you selected is not as per your requirement or you might have chosen the wrong size.

Also the color of the product purchased may differ from the actual product and you may not like it. Sometimes the quality of the product may also not be as per the standard or as per the cost wise.

Any how you can replace the product and can ask for money back but again you have to pay the shipping charges.

Before purchasing any product online check the product review there might be fake review also. But at least you will come to know about the product.

2. Return Policy

This is another important factor which is important while shopping online. Because, you don’t have 100% look and feel of the product, there are chances you won’t like the product after it got delivered.

There may be other reasons, you want to return the product and take your money and there comes the role of their return policy.

If you are shopping from some of the reputed brands like Amazon, Flipkart or even other top shopping sites like these then there is no big problem but if you are buying from other sites then you have to read their return policy very carefully.

Recently I have bought one of the product from StarCJ after seeing their advertisement on TV but there was some fault in the product. I tried to contact their customer care to return or exchange the product but all my efforts were in vain.

There after sales customer support and return policy is totally useless. I continuously tried their numbers for 5-6 days but none of the person responded properly.

I am going to write another article for that experience but I am warning you to be 100% sure, if you are buying anything from StarCJ.

3. Hidden Charges

While doing online shopping check the final price, as the shipping charges may not be added in the product price and the display price may differ.

So whenever you do online shopping check the subtotal of the product. There are some famous online stores who don’t offer free shipping or some provide free shipping only if the product is above the limit amount.

If you are not paying online and making the payment after the delivery then the website like Jabong charge extra. So check properly the final amount so at last you don’t feel you are cheated or have overpaid.

4. Security

There are some “scam online stores” also, on those websites online shopping may not be safe, they may offer the products at low cost but might collect your card payment and personal details.

So avoid doing shopping from websites which are not accredited. Always do shopping from websites which is certified for safety.

Even though if you are doing online shopping from certified websites but from cyber cafe or through public Wi-Fi or through computer which is not virus protected may put you on risk.

5. Lack of Customer Support

Still many websites don’t provide proper customer support after the purchase or while doing online shopping. While shopping customer may get stuck in between or may get confused about the size of the product and may want to discuss but there is not quick support provided by the websites. T

hey should provide a telephone number where the customer can contact immediately or online chat should be available. Online stores provide email address but it’s not sufficient as you may not get the reply immediately or may not get the reply at all.

6. Delivery problem

Some websites inform the delivery time immediately after the purchase of the product, but not all. If the purchased clothes if you are expecting to wear on a particular occasion and if the delivery is delayed by days then there will be no use of doing online shopping.

So check the delivery time while making online purchase. Online Store like Amazon provides the products with low price but the delivery date may be very far and in this case it will not be suitable to do online shopping.

Also delivery time in metro cities and urban areas differ.

Even though there are problems in online shopping the percentage of people doing online shopping is increasing in India. With the help of new technology this problems may also vanish with the time and the time will come when online shopping will be more secured one.

Enjoy Online Shopping!