Top 15 Online Shopping Sites in China

We have all heard about Chinese food, Chinese mobiles & other products from China but very few Indian know about their top online shopping websites.

If, I am not wring, you are all aware about the Flipkart’s “Big BillionDay” on 6 October 2014 which was a flop but even in that situation, company has made a record sales of 600 Crores in one day from 20 million transactions.

But do you know about single day sales on 11th November 2014 of the Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

They have made a record sales of $9 Billion (Rs.54,000 Cores) in a single day. Morgan Stanley analyst Angela Moh said in a research note that Alibaba’s Singles’ Day has broken the Guinness World Record for the highest online sales for a single company in 24 hours.

Alibaba is the biggest online shopping site in China. There are many other shopping sites that are very popular in china. Hence we wrote this article to tell you top 15 shopping sites in China.

Top 15 Online Shopping Sites in China

We have ranked them on the basis of Alexa ranking. So here are top 15 online shopping sites in China. You can also check these top 20 shopping sites in India.


The number one website in our top 15 list is It is number one in china and it is a consumer to consumer retail site and not business to customer. It allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to open retail stores online. was launched in May 2003. It is part of Alibaba Group.

2. is business to consumer site hence it is an ultimate online shopping and retail site in china. This site is also run and owned by Alibaba Group. has over 50 million visitors. Tmall was launched in April 2008.


We all know about Amazon. It has a big website for China also and it is very popular there. Actually was and it was acquired by Amazon in the year 2004.

4. was established in the year 1999. Zol is predominantly electronic and gadgets retailing website. The average traffic is around 150 million with over 30 million registered users.


Alibaba Group is now known to everyone. It was founded by Jack Ma and is fifth in our list. Alibaba Group is conglomerate of many ecommerce websites in China. is the first business of Alibaba Group.

6. is business to consumer website. According to its site it provides 40 Million SKU rich merchandise.


A professional B2C website and is one of the most influential website in China.

8. could be called as Amazon of China because it is China’s largest online bookstore. It has over 300,000 of books and 15,000 kinds of software and audio products. The site has over 4.5 million daily unique visitors from China.

9. is one of the best website for clothing and apparels. It covers other merchandise like make up, beauty and other branded products.

10. is like Snap Deal in India. You can find great deals there like food vouchers, hotels booking, travel, shopping etc. The website offers various group discounts and coupons.


The Yi Xun company was founded in the year 2006. The company is based in Shanghai and one of the prominent ecommerce website in China.


It is the largest fashion e commerce platform in China dedicated to women. There are more than 100 million registered women users for this website. The age group is 18 to 35 years old. The company was founded in the year 2009.


Vancl is fashion and clothing retail shopping website. The company was founded in the year of 2007.


The company is online grocery store with various products like food and beverage, cosmetics, skincare, household articles etc. Company was founded in 2007.


The last shopping site in our list is The company was founded in the year 2009.

So these were top 15 shopping websites in China. Although they are very popular in China but people outside China still do not about these shopping sites. Visit the website and find out more about their products and other deals.