These Online Freelance Writing Jobs Pays $20-$30 per Hour

Anyone who has been to school definitely knows how to read and write. And speak of course. Thanks to the Internet, a wide range of freelance writing jobs are available online if you are able to write well.

Regardless of your educational qualifications, just the mere art of playing with words can net you an online writing job. Such jobs pay fairly well, helping you become rich quickly.

Why to do writing jobs online?

There are several reasons why you should write online. Firstly, these jobs are easily available. Very often, you do not need to appear for any interview.

Online writing jobs usually involve very simple tests that are available online. Furthermore, you can work anytime you want and as much as you can.

There are no dues or fees payable to join these jobs. A simple online search will reveal thousands of such online writing jobs.

Types of freelance writing jobs and payment

Two types of online writing jobs are generally on offer. These include

Generally, freelance writing jobs pay you depending upon the number of words in your article.

A few freelance online writing jobs such as transcriptionist pay you on a per-hour basis. Meaning, you get paid for the number of hours you work.

However, in such cases you will be issued a deadline. Failing to meet the deadline means you lose right to get the money.

Education and training for writing jobs

As we mention earlier, anyone with a fairly good command over English can work as online writer.

Should you possess fluency in another language, you stand better chances of working as online writer.

However, you will require near perfect grammar and use of punctuations. Most online writing jobs are given to people who possess these abilities.

The company will not have a sub-editor or editor to read through your copies with a fine toothcomb.

Some websites offering freelance writing jobs provide basic training free. Very often though, such offers are ruse that tempt you into taking a paid course

Ideally, you should also possess

Equipment required

To become an freelance writer immediately, you will require some rather basic equipment. This includes

10 Best Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Here is our selection of best online writing jobs with the exact sources where you an find these jobs.

1. Online content writing jobs

Finding a job as online content writer is easiest. Anyone with fair proficiency in English and proper sense of grammar and punctuation usage can apply.

Let us explain why we rank this job as online writer as topmost.

Worldwide, there are millions of bloggers who run successful websites and blogs. However, these blogger, regardless of their fame, cannot write about every topic.

Hence the need for freelance writers specially technical content writer. Regardless of the field of interest, you can always find a job as freelance online content writer for a blog.

Now, some of these blogs are also run by large corporations and businesses.

Hence, you can find an appropriate channel to write online to express yourself about your interest through these blogs and make good money writing articles.

You can enroll at any globally reputed freelance websites that recruit online content writers including UpWork, iWriter, Contently & Fiverr to launch your career and earn healthy income.

2. Rural reporter/ correspondent/ freelancer

Every newspaper, radio, TV channel and online news portal requires people who will feed them the freshest news.

Obviously, they have large teams of well qualified and experienced journalists who go places to file reports.

However, every large media house has one major handicap: They lack reporters and correspondents in small yet significant areas.

This is where you come in, provided you have a nose for news. Meaning, you should be able to identify what can be significant news for a news provider.

You can gather such news, write it on your computer and email to a news provider.

The advantage of working as a rural reporter/ correspondent/ freelancer is, your copies need not conform to any particular writing style.

Media houses have subeditors and editors who will rewrite your copies to ensure it complies with their style.

You can try finding online rural reporter/ correspondent/ freelancer job at one of the biggest resources for journalists worldwide:

Alternatively, you can also check out for various offers and scholarships/ grants at IRE which specializes in developing investigative reporting.

3. Transcription jobs

Nowadays, office space is very pricey, hence precious. Computerization has made possible for offices to operate from small spaces.

Hence, companies, clinics, attorneys and almost every office is dispensing with bulky paper files of yesteryears.

Instead, they are being increasingly replaced by digital records that can be saved in cyberspace or on compact memory drives.

This is where transcriptions come in.

Basically, transcriptions are nothing more than listening to conversations and writing them on your computer.

Software specifically for transcription is available free or can be bought online. With skills we mention above, you can bag a great freelance writing job as transcriptionist.

Briefly, there are some categories of transcriptions that you can look at:

You can find a online writing job as transcriptionist with any of the thousands of outsourcing agencies that offer this service.

A good website to apply online for online transcription jobs is Transcribe. Another is Rev, which also welcomes freelancers as transcriptionists.

4. Online review writer

Ranking topmost among writing jobs is online review writer. This may sound scary but is actually simple. Let us explain this further:

Almost every business, from your neighborhood restaurant to the largest online retailer or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies requires people who will taste and write about their products or services.

This means, you get an opportunity to taste or use something before it enters the market for sale to regular consumers.

Independent reviews you submit online are vital for these businesses to change or adapt their products, packaging, pricing and other features.

This helps the business stay ahead of competition.

Upon signing up as online review writer, one or more businesses will invite you to sample their product or service.

You will receive free samples or subscription for a limited period. After this period, you have to write the review and submit online.

Here, you enjoy double benefits: You save money on your grocery and other bills with free samples. Secondly, the business pays money for your reviews.

To become an online writer, you can find an online review writer job at Ciao. Here you review almost everything.

Another good website to look for online review writer jobs is WriterBay which offers freelancers with the opportunity to earn big money.

5. Email writing jobs

Digital marketing or promoting and selling stuff via the Internet has become a major industry.

Part of digital marketing also involves writing and sending emails to customers or prospects that register themselves on the website owned by a business.

Such a business could be a restaurant or startup and even a large corporation with branches across the world.

For all businesses, emails serve as an effective customer engagement tool. Consequently, becoming email writer is a good online job you can opt for.

These are readily available. All you need to do is draft a small email, attach some advertisement if any and send it to all subscribers.

Additionally, you have to respond to any queries that may come and forward them to the concerned department for further action if required.

Email writing from home is generally outsourced by large companies. Therefore, you can find dozens of listings of companies looking for email writers.

Check Indeed and Monster for instant applications for your online writing job. Alternatively, you can post your resume at any leading website like WriterBay and wait for employers to contact you.

6. Online list writer

All of us make lists of stuff we wish to buy or things we need to do. However, you can make good money writing lists for companies and online retailers.

Anyone with basic English writing skills can do this job. If you have some creativity, you can be assured of earning higher in this freelance writing job.

Online list writers are hired by e-retailers or websites that have something to sell.

You have to make a list of the stuff and add brief description that defines the product.

Mostly, entertainment companies, video retailers and smaller online stores selling food and consumer products look for online list writers.

Here we recommend that you visit ListVerse that specialize in preparing lists for entertainment and other companies.

Nowadays and thanks to the large demand for online list writers, a lot of outsourcing companies also provide online training to beginners free.

You can also enroll at some websites that will send you regular emails of employers looking for freelance list writers. This is one of the easiest online jobs as freelance writer you can do.

7. Social media content writer

As Facebook and Twitter grow in popularity, so does their use by businesses.

However, hiring someone merely to post stuff on Facebook or alert people about some product or service via Twitter does not require a full-time staff.

Hence, companies small and large look for social media content writers. This is also a great online writing job that keeps you glued to Facebook.

As social media content writer, you are required to write a few lines about the company’s product or service, handle questions and comments posted by visitors to your Facebook page and respond to re-Tweets.

Any specialized queries however have to be referred to the concerned department since a wrong answer can mar the business irreparably.

JobsInSocialMedia is one of the top company you can start with.  You can look for jobs portals like Indeed, Randstad USA etc. to find such freelance writing jobs in social media.

This is usually a part-time job and the employer may test your skills before hiring.

8. Story writer

A search for online story writer, at the time of writing this article, revealed over a thousand job postings.

Becoming an online story writer is far too easier than you can imagine. Just let your imagination run wild or spin a story around your favorite topic.

Often, you will be given a title to write upon by the person hiring you as online story writer.

As online story writer, you are writing stuff for someone else. Meaning, they can publish your works under their name.

In most cases, the person hiring you will ask for a copyright waiver. Meaning, you lose all rights to the stories.

You can find story writing jobs in almost all the freelance websites.

However, you can see examples of what practices are on in the market today by visiting websites that offer these online writing jobs and mention terms and conditions.

9. Travel blog writer

Writing online about your experiences in traveling someplace can earn you a decent income every week. Travel companies look for bloggers who have traveled to some destinations.

Instead of hiring professionals who might fake an experience, they look for people who will narrate a genuine experience.

This includes how you went to a place, what you ate, saw and did.

Travel bloggers are especially useful to tourism companies because they actually bring to life the sights and sounds of a destination through their writings.

Genuine reviews help people decide whether or not they should visit a particular place.

Again, finding an online writing job as travel blogger is fairly easy. Most major travel magazines and companies are always on lookout for such writers.

Further, you can approach a travel company that offers tours to the places you have visited.

10. Sales and marketing writer

Sales and marketing writers are people who write how a salesman should sell a product. This is not a specialized skill.

Instead, your talents as consumer are more in demand for job.

This means, you will write a sales and marketing pitch for customers in the same fashion that you would love to hear it.

Small and large companies depend upon online sales and marketing writers for sales pitches that directly address the consumer.

Often, you will be given an opportunity to review the product before writing the sales pitch.

If you are good at expressing your views about something and putting them down on a computer, you can try this great online writing job.

You will need to register yourself with some recruitment websites like Indeed, Shine or freelance sites such as Upwork or WriterBay to find these freelance writing jobs.