Quick & Simple Ways to Compare Prices Online

Smart people do some research before they go for shopping. Earlier, people used to make a list of items that they were going to buy from the market.

But now most of the shopping is done online.

Internet makes it very easy to compare prices of different products so you can pick an item which is least expensive and at the same time it is of good quality.

Earlier this was not possible.

However now there are hundreds of websites that makes online shopping very frugal for you.

In this article we look how you can compare prices online and save money daily. If you are a student, housewife or anyone who shop a lot on the internet then this is must read article.

Why You Must Compare Prices Online Before Shopping

I simply can’t stop myself from overemphasizing the value of comparing prices online before you buy something.

The first reason is you save a lot of money. Moreover the money is not everything.

You can get to choose some of the best products available in the marketplace. You could buy items that are not available elsewhere on ecommerce site.

How Much Can You Save Daily

Recently I was looking to buy a new laptop. I wanted a i3 Laptop with good configuration. After some research, I decided to buy Dell Inspiron 3542 15.6-inch Laptop (silver color) from Amazon because I was getting a good discount of Rs.5000.

But before making the payment, I thought of comparing prices from other shopping sites. The price on many other sites including Snapdeal & Flipkart was higher than Amazon.

And when I checked Paytm, I was surprised because I was getting Rs.3000 more discounts as compared to Amazon.

The price of the same laptop on Amazon was Rs.25,000 but on Paytm, it was just Rs.22,000/-.

Initially I got some hesitation with regards to warranty & good condition but still I placed the order on Paytm.

But I received the product in good condition & after checking online warranty on Dell site, I found, its a genuine product.

How to Compare Prices Online

I am shopping online from 2010 & I have researched & used many tricks that can be used to save money. One of the best trick is by comparing prices.

If you are new to online shopping or you have been shopping for a while now but don‘t know how to compare prices then do read this paragraph.

First you have to find a good online price comparison site (given below) and then type the name of the product in the search box.

You will find same product is sold with different prices on different shopping sites. Some merchants are charging you extra however some are ready to give a discount.

The search tool will give you a list of dozens of merchants selling same product online. You can choose a merchant that is selling for the lowest amount.

But there are more steps to find a better deal on the lowest priced product. Just check this out.

Tips for Comparing Prices Online & Save More Money

Now I will give you some handy tips for comparing prices online. You might need them when you shop on daily basis so you save a lot of money.

Always use a search engine or a toolbar because you do not have to type in the name of a product. The search engine itself will suggest you with so many names and categories.

Compare the products’ price with every other merchant. You will get a list of price that different merchants are offering for the same product.

Choose the least one.

You got to scan the entire page full of items on the basis of Lowest Pricing and best pricing. Then you can make a decision.

As you switch from different websites you need to jot down certain things on paper. Like the product, the price that is being offered by different merchants and which ecommerce site has better deal.

This is one of the most important step. Recently , I purchased a Samsung S6 Edge from Paytm inspite of showing the highest price in the comparison tool.

But after visiting the Paytm site, there  was an offer of 12% cashback. The product price was around 41500 & I almost got Rs.5000+ cashback in my account & that’s is amazing.

I check other sites with lower price to see if I can get better deal with coupons but there was no match with Paytm.

Although most of the products are genuine & came with warranty & refund policy. But still you need to be careful about reading the ratings of the product as well as seller so that you can be assured that you are getting a genuine product with genuine seller.

So these tips might come handy while you shop online.

Tools and Websites for Comparing Prices Online

Now here we give you some of the best tools like websites and apps that can be used for comparing prices online.

Here is the list.

MySmartPriceMySmartPrice This is one of the largest website people use for comparing prices, price drop alerts & finding  best deals & coupons. This site also provide cashback offers on various products.

One of the best site if you want to compare electronics products speciallysmartprixsmartprix mobiles. If you are looking for a mobile with a budget then the tools provided by SmartPrix can help you to find that.

Although you can compare many other electronic products but if you want to compare91mobiles91mobiles mobiles then this one is best. You can also compare ratings & the configuration of the products.

CompareIndiaCompareIndia This engine is from News18.com. It allows you to compare prices of products from some of the big ecommerce sites in India.

This is the site from one of the popular coupon site CouponRaja. It has got over 100+ onlineCompareRajaCompareRaja stores and 10,000 products on the catalogue.

More than 1.5 crore products across 800 categories. Quick & easyPriceDekhoPriceDekho comparison of products. 100+ Online sellers listed for online shopping. Also get cashback.

So these are some of the best websites for comparing prices online. You need to learn how to use them.