How to Save Money When Ordering Food Online

With a vast variety of cultures and cuisines at our service on every corner, we, Indians are spoilt for choice when it comes to food. Thus, we don’t just love food; we keep craving for food that isn’t cooked at home, every so often.

And then we start inventing a number of reasons to dine out- maid didn’t turn up for work, too tired or bored to cook, appraisal treat, bought-new-shoes treat and the more absurd ones.

But when the bill arrives, your wallet and heart suffer sharp pangs for the next few days, and you take a vow against dining out for a month, which your tummy forgets before the week is out.

So while you can’t reign in the impossible gourmand in you, here are some tips that will keep your wallet and your belly happy at the same time.

Due to our busy and hectic schedules in our lives, it is becoming difficult to cook and eat our favourite food. Most of us do not take the pain of making food even on the weekends, rather we like to visit restaurants to eat and dine.

With an increase in disposable income people are eating out but it is also found out that dining at restaurants is very expensive. This is one of the major factors that have led to the emergence of online food portals in the country.

Consumers can save up to 20 to 50 per cent while ordering food online as they save on telephone cost, avail great deals, save on service charges and restaurant tips.

So, If you are spending a lot of money on ordering food from restaurants and not aware of ordering food online, here are some easy ways to save money on food while ordering this online.

This is one of the major factors that have led to the emergence of online food portals in the country.

Coupons: Coupons can help to save money while ordering food. Websites like, FoodPanda and TastyKhana can get you food from your favorite restaurant at your doorstep. Also these websites offer you attractive discounts. To avail this benefit you need to apply the coupon code at the end of the payment.

Ordering online itself saves money.

On top of that, you save additional money by applying the coupon codes during transaction.

Once your shopping is done you will be surprised to see how much money you saved. Check out Food & DINING category in DealWallah to find and avail coupons & deals from various online food portals.

No, not to make a call but to order food via the mobile apps of these food ordering websites.

Why? Because the searching, choosing, ordering and payment processes are a lot smoother and faster on your mobile phone than on a website.

And also, you are sure to get greater discounts just for using a mobile app because big discounts are what all these websites are using to lure customers in to downloading and using their mobile apps.

E.g. JustEat is currently giving 50% off on all orders made via its mobile app.

1. Paytm: Paytm wallet is special kind of benefit through which you can save money easily. If you add money to it while checking out, credits will be added to your wallet as well as you get cash back if you make your payment in the next online food purchase via Paytm wallet.

This offer is exclusive of the coupon discount. That means one can avail the coupon discount as well as Paytm cash back. Check out Paytm store in DealWallah to avail attractive coupons & discounts from Paytm.

2. PayMoney: Pay Money is another way to make payment while ordering food online. Customer can get cash 5% to 25% maximum cash back if they make payment using PayMoney.

Whatever amount of bill comes up there will be a maximum discount amount for a minimum purchase amount.

3. Mobikwik: This is another way to save money while purchasing food online. MobiKwik wallet is an online prepaid account where a user can store money and pay on online shopping sites and food portals.

On each purchase, this portal will provide cash back offers instantly. Sometimes the cash back amount will be credited to the customer’s account later.

So ordering food online is the easiest way to get your favourite dishes at a very lower price at your doorstep without investing much time. And you can easily save additional good amount while ordering food online by following the above steps. Eat More!! Spend Less!!