How to Save Money on International Roaming Charges

If you are going out of country & worried about international roaming charges then you must read the tips given here so that you can save a lot of money on international roaming.

When do you have to spend so much money on roaming charges?

Well most of time is when you are travelling from one place to another.

As if airline ticket charges were not enough now we also have to pay for international roaming charges. However if you are smart enough then you can definitely save some money on roaming charges.

According to me roaming charges are unethical and companies should not do away with it. But it really does not matter what I think because I can’t stop them from charging extra.

What I can do is find ways I can save money on roaming charges. And that is why I wrote this article.

So here are few smart ways you can save your money on international roaming charges while you are travelling.

First we talk about very simple tips that everyone should know. You don’t have to be an expert or have a deep knowledge about every other cellular company.

1. Skype

I don’t think you are not aware of this great application. Skype is the best way to connect with people around the globe. You can also make video calls through Skype.skypeskype

Skype can be absolutely free if on both end people are using it. You can call from your laptop and cell phone both.

But if you want to call from Skype to any phone then the charges are very low. Moreover there are no additional roaming charges.

So it really does not matter what part of the world you are calling from. You do not have to worry about the high per minute charges when you are taking an international call.

2. Whatsapp

There isn’t any smartphone which does not have Whatsapp. It is really a great app that has many purposes. WhatsappWhatsapp

This handy app is a cross platform mobile messaging application that runs on every other platform like iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

You can send messages and call from Whatsapp to other whatsapp user without paying a dime. Quality of the calls are better then Skype.

3. iPhone Apps

This is extension of my previous point. You can install many other applications like Viber, Telegram, WeChat etc. on your phone that allows you to talk to people who are living in otheriphone appsiphone apps side of the globe.

These apps allow you to SMS for free and avoid data roaming charges by locking down your iPhone.

You have to search for such applications.

4. Wi-Fi

You can turn off your cellular data on both iOS and Android devices. You can go to Wi-Fi spot because they are everywhere and call whoever you like. w-fiw-fi

Whether you are travelling to Europe, Asia or other parts of the world, you can find Wi-Fi spots everywhere in a given country.

Yes if you are visiting an area which is not well connected then you might have some problem but otherwise Wi-Fi could be the best way to save money on international roaming charges.

If you take me seriously you can save a lot of money. However, there is a caveat; Wi-Fi is not available at every other place in the country you are travelling.

5. Prepaid Sims

Prepaid SIMs are also great when it comes to saving money on roaming charges.

First of all there are many companies like Matrix, UniConnect etc. that do not charge a pennyprepaid simprepaid sim on incoming calls and for outgoing calls charges are very low, in fact they are similar to local rates the country you are travelling in.

You can save up to 70% compared to the charges of international roaming calls. I always recommend you to go for prepaid SIMS if you are travelling abroad.

So these were very simple tools that you can make use of it to save money on roaming charges.

Now let us see some other tricks that you can apply to save money.

The smart thing to do is choosing a right plan for your cell phone. If you travel a lot and always on move then your plan must be travel specific.

Suppose you live in US and travel Europe a lot then you can choose plans that specifically caters to your need.

Similarly you have to find other plans according to your need.

This could be the smartest way to save money. If you travel to a particular place frequently then you can easily get a local SIM.

Local SIM cost very less as compared to a SIM which is on roaming. You do not have to pay for incoming calls and outgoing calls are also very less.

However the major problem with getting local SIM is they are very hard to get if you are an outsider.

You need to have proper documentation like ID and address proof only then they will give you a local SIM.

You cannot rely on free Wi-Fi because of poor connection. So you can rent a HotSpot where you can use unlimited internet.

You should always carry a HotSpot with you because you get unlimited access to all your phones, tablets and laptops. If you are an internet user then rent a HotSpot and make calls via Skype. This is cheap.

You can also rent a device when you are in a foreign country. By renting a device you can easily avoid data roaming charges.

You can rent a Samsung Smartphone for a week in $40 or $50 in US. So you can do the math and plan ahead when you are out of the country.

Finally, you can tweak your cell phone to save some money on roaming charges. You should use right apps to reduce your data footprint.

You can also reset your cellular data statistics to keep better track of your cellular usage.

So these were few tricks you can apply to save money on roaming charges.