How to Put Your Money on Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol and Get Rich

How about putting some money on gambling, drugs and alcohol to get rich? I mean, you don’t need to gamble, smoke pot or get drunk.

Not at all!

Instead, I’m suggesting you to try something known as ‘vice investing’ or putting in money on stuff that can cause vices and addictions.

And yes, vice investing is perfectly legit and meets all standards, rules and regulations of the American and some foreign governments.

Vice investing is relatively new trend in investing. You can start with as low as $10 per month. Returns can be as high as 10 percent to 28 percent, depending on where and how and where you invest the money.

Thousands of Americans who aren’t addicts, gamblers or alcoholics for that matter, are making a lot of money from vice investing. And so are god-fearing religious people who would otherwise balk at the idea of investing on stuff that’s apparently…well…sinful.

Hence, let me explain a bit about vice investing.

Understanding Vices Investing

Vice investing is also known by some people as ‘sin investing.’ It means putting your money on legitimate stocks, Mutual Funds (MFs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) of licensed companies that operate casinos and online gambling portals, provide services to marijuana cultivators or own cannabis plantations and of course, large corporations that produce liquor.

Nowadays, there’s an emerging trend of investing in rare scotch whiskies whose prices shoot up in the market every year. Investments in such expensive booze is done through a few special funds that operate worldwide and allow anyone to invest. And yes, these funds are legit too.

If this sounds interesting, here’s some options where you can invest.

Best Vice-Investment Options

There are traditional options and newer opportunities for vice investing. But let’s start with the newer, innovative ones.

A: Investing in Liquor

Liquor is legal in most countries. Hence, you can also find liquor stocks and funds in these countries.

As the name suggests, these are funds that invest in rarest Scotch whiskies of the world. They allow you to invest in as little as a litre of the world’s rarest Scotch or entire casks.

Another excellent, time-tested and proven way to invest in booze is through stocks of giant liquor companies and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These stocks are already trading on different stock markets around the world. And they are providing excellent dividends too.

B: Investing in Marijuana

Marijuana is fast becoming an attractive investment option for small investors. In fact, you can invest in Marijuana stocks with as low as $5. Yes, that’s all you need to enter the booming pot market legally.

Following legalization of marijuana for recreational use by about 20 American states, cannabis plantations, processing companies, real estate firms that sell or lease land for weed cultivation and related industries are witnessing boom.

Furthermore, several foreign countries are also considering legalizing marijuana, also known as cannabis for recreational purposes. Marijuana use is now legal for medical purposes and applications in several countries around the world and most American states.

There are several attractive marijuana and cannabis related stocks available on American exchanges. Invest in these for good returns.

Marijuana ETFs are also a hot favourite among people looking at making money from vice investing. There’s lots of attractive marijuana ETFs available from large financial corporations in the US.

ETFs are basically stocks of marijuana related companies that are made into bundles. And they are traded as bundles on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The advantage of ETFs is that if price of one or more stock in the bundle drops, it is usually covered up by rise in price of other stocks in the fund.

And if you’d like to invest in long term returns from weed, go for marijuana Mutual Funds.  These Mutual Funds are a basket of stocks of marijuana related companies.

Generally, you’ll find marijuana MFs in the form of healthcare and pharmaceutical funds. These also have some holdings in legit marijuana producing companies.

C: Investment on Gambling

This might come as surprise but yes, you can invest on gaming and gambling companies too. If you have ever been to an onshore or offshore casino, it is evident they have state-of-the-art gaming machines, excellent infrastructure and skilled staff.

How do they manage these? By funding of course. And all the money doesn’t come from their profits from gambling, since these are legal companies.

You’ll most likely be surprised to know, there are over a dozen ETFs that specifically consist of stocks of gambling and gaming companies both in US and abroad. They are generally available as gaming Environment & Social Governance (ESG) stocks and ETFs.

Since gambling and gaming companies have to function under strict regulatory rules, investments fetch high returns.

Gaming and gambling ESG ETFs are some of the favourites of big-time investors. Thanks to investment apps, you can invest in gaming and gambling ETFs with as low as $5. The industry is very profitable and your investments would fetch good returns over a period of time.

You might surely wonder who’s driving up vice stocks that would help you make decent profits. Let me assure you, it’s not that imaginary millionaire with bulging pockets.

Instead, it’s the millennial generation that are just starting their investment journeys. Vice investing promises higher returns, which is attractive to the younger investor.

Millennials aren’t worried about breaking from tradition to put money into vice investments. Why shouldn’t you?