How to Make Money from Your Social Profile with Famebit

Here is an opportunity to make money for all those people who have an account on social media.

A wonderful platform Famebit to make money online with your social media accounts like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc.

For example, if you are on Twitter with over 5000 followers then you can leverage the power of your account to make some money with Famebit.

You do not necessarily have to be a celebrity with millions of followers. You can earn few bucks with just over 5000 followers on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc.

What is Famebit & How to Make Money with Famebit?

Famebit is a social media monetization platform which allows people like you to make money by sharing content through YouTube, Twitter, Vine etc.

All you need is a social media account with the above sites.

You will be known as creator and Famebit will connect creators like you with various brands or companies.

Right now Famebit has network of 50,000+ creators with a reach of over 1.5 billion people.

How does it Work?

In simpler words Famebit is just a middleman or a conduit between you (creator) and the various brands/companies.

Famebit is for both creators and brands.

Various brands/companies need creators to promote their products online so they go to Famebit.

Creators like you who have following on social media go to Famebit because they want to make some money leveraging their account.

So Famebit connects brands and creators in such a way that both can use each other.

Creators get paid directly from the brands for promoting their products leveraging creator’s influence on the social media.

In this article we will be talking from the perspective of creators and not brands.

Sign Up Process for YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Twitter Accounts

Let us get started!

I am not going to waste your time telling how to sign up for Famebit in great details. So I will keep it short.

YouTube account holders can sign up at Famebit by just filling their Google email for their YouTube account and letting the Famebit to access your YouTube account.

Likewise you can sign up for Instagram, Vine and Twitter accounts. Just follow the instructions given there. It is a no brainer.

Two important things that you must keep in mind, one is you must have above 5000 followers or subscribers and the other is you can only have one account per each social channel.

How to Choose a Right Brand to Promote

Once you are done with the sign up process the next step will be choosing a right brand to promote.

If you are a new creator then keep following things in your mind.

Right Sponsor that Suits Your Content

promote brandpromote brand

While choosing a brand creators always commit a very common mistake. They are tempted to choose a brand based on the compensation alone.

It means creators overlook the compatibility for sake of more money.

Do not do that. Choose a brand that suits your content and can relate to your audience. Just because a brand is paying you more and it does not have anything to do with your content then you are doing it wrong.

Product and Service Must be Good

The product or brand you are promoting must be good and genuine. You should not promote a product if you haven’t tried it yourself.

Influence marketing is more authentic than other forms of marketing. So you have to be honest with your audience here.

Go For Multiple Sponsors and Products

You should always promote more than one product. You can ask for other products available for a given brand.

Creating a Solid Campaign Proposal

Once you are done with choosing a brand you need to start working on your campaign proposal.

famebit proposalfamebit proposal

Creating a campaign proposal is the most important part of making money with Famebit.

Your first gig will depend upon how well you create a proposal. So here are few things that you need to take care of while creating a proposal.

Creating Genuine and Unique Proposal

Do not copy other creators. The golden rule for creating a great proposal is genuine and unique content.

If you are creating cheap and copied content then brands will come to know immediately and they will reject your offer.

Content and Proposal Must Go Hand in Hand

Your proposal must reflect that the content and the brand you are going to choose are indispensable to each other.

In other words, your social media content absolutely matches the brand.

Capture the Imagination of the Brand

Paint a picture or pitch your proposal in a way that it can capture the imagination of the brand.

Use images and other graphic means to cast a long-lasting impression on the brands.

Reassure the Brand that You Are Always Available

Brands are always in hurry to promote launching of their new product. So as a creator you must be able to generate content at any given time to promote their product.

Last but Not the Least is Right Pricing

Your pricing must be competitive and you should not go overboard with it. Brands love competitive pricing.

So these are factors that you must include while creating a solid proposal that gets accepted quickly.

Things that Brands Would Like to See in Your Account Before Accepting Your Proposal

One of the most important factors for getting your proposal accepted is your account that a brand is going to look into.

A brand would like to see certain stats in your account.

Suppose you have a YouTube account then following stats a brand might like to see.

1. Number of Subscribers

2. Average Views for Each Video

3. Total Number of Views and Videos Uploaded

4. Demographics of Your Audience Like – Country, exact location, age, gender, occupation etc.

5. Most Popular and Recent Videos

As a creator your stats must be good enough for getting your proposal accepted.

Getting Started After You’ve Been Accepted

Now your proposal has being accepted, What Next?

Notification: Proposal Has Been Accepted

Once your proposal has being accepted you will get a notification.

You will receive an email saying you have being accepted. If it is not accepted then you will not receive an email notification but you will find a message in Proposal Send Folder in your dashboard.

Engaging with the Brand

Once you are hired a workroom will open up between you and the brand. Here you will communicate back and forth with the brand.

On workroom you talk every issue under the sun with the brand. You will talk about your content, pricing, deadline and performance of your campaign.

But the most importantly you will also ask about the product that you are going to promote.

Always remain in touch with the brand using the workroom.

Start Submitting Your Content For Review

Next step is start submitting your content to brand for approval. You can’t publish content without the brand’s approval because they are paying for it.

If necessary then make changes to your content.

Few Tips for Creating Great Content Keeping Products You are Promoting in Mind

-Creating Content that matches the product.

-Show proof to your audience that you actually love the product.

-Come off as an expert.

-Show personal interest because influence marketing is all about trusting you.

Getting Paid and Reporting an Issue

Obviously Famebit will reward you with the money.

If there is any issue with your campaign then go to the workroom and click on the Report Issue button.

Bidding the Right Price for Your Account

Once you start getting paid you have to look ways to further monetize your Famebit account. You can choose either of pricing methodologies for your YouTube account.

Pricing Based on Subscribers: Subscriber based pricing is best for small creators with no steady viewership rate. You can charge $100 to $300 every 10,000 subscriber.

Pricing Based on CPV (Cost Per View): Creators with consistent viewership can go for CPV. You can charge $.02 to $.08 per view.

Pricing Based on Content: If you don’t have enough CPV but you can create good content then choose content based pricing.

How Do You Get Paid?

Famebit is acquired by Google now. And anyone knows that Google does not delay when it comes to making payments.

You can simply fill all your payment details in the Famebit admin panel and money will be credited in your account in few days or weeks depending upon mode of payment and the country you live in.

For PayPal and Check there is no minimum payment threshold however for wire transfer minimum threshold is $100.

Check is available only for creators living in USA.

For PayPal there is a transaction fees charged by the PayPal and for wire transaction $15 is the fee.

I recommend you to use PayPal only.

Pros and Cons of Famebit



That’s it. Sign Up Famebit now and monetize your social account.