How I Purchased a Used Laptop Dirt Cheap from OLX with these Tricks

If you are planning to buy a used and old item from OLX or even Quikr then if you use the tricks that I have used can save your lots of money. And this trick came from my personal experience when I try to purchase a used laptop.

2 months back, I wanted to buy an old laptop for my office and so I decided to buy it either from OLX or Quikr because you can find lots of sellers for your desired product on these sites.

I set my budget and requirements. Basically my budget was not more than Rs.15,000 and I wanted to buy a laptop with at least i3 processor & yes, it should not be more than 2 years old.

You must be thinking if I am crazy! How can I get an i3 laptop so cheap?

Although it took me 3 days to find a better deal but I managed to buy a 1 & half year old HP laptop with i3 processor, 2 GB RAM and other good configuration for just Rs.13,000/-. And that time current market price of that laptop was Rs.32,000.

After that I bought many items using the same trick & I was successful to get it very cheap.

And don’t worry, 3 days does not mean I was spending the whole day in finding the laptop but only 1-2 hours a day. And when you will use my trick, you can get the best deal very fast.

So here goes the tricks..

Tricks to buy anything from OLX or even Quikr

Its not really a one word secret. Below are given the steps that you can follow to get anything very cheap from OLX/Quikr. I can guarantee for your satisfaction after reading this. So here goes my story-

1. Check the seller with urgent need on OLX

First thing, I learnt here is to find people with urgent need of cash. Millions of people post the ads for their old items daily on OLX & Quikr & you can find many sellers who want to sell their item as fast as possible. There are many reasons of urgency like they are in need of cash, they want to upgrade their product or they are moving out of city or even country.

People with urgent need, sell their item for a very low price. And I have experienced that items from these sellers are of better quality than other sellers.

So how will you find people with urgent need?

There are 2 ways you can  find this. Either you can use search option on OLX or Quikr or use Google.

I find Google more accurate than searching on OLX.

Suppose you want to buy a mobile then here are search terms you can use on OLX or Quikr-

“urgent mobile” or “urgent phone”

or other words like emergency mobile, immediately mobile etc.

or you can open and search with keywords as below-

Above query will result all the sellers with urgent requirement in your city for the product you need as shown below-

urgent sell olxurgent sell olx

So now you know you have the list of sellers who want to sell their item on emergency basis.

But wait! you need to know the next step before you contact any of the seller.

2. Buy only from Individual Seller

So don’t you think if people who are smart enough to search for urgent seller, will not find any fake urgent seller. Yes, many of the sellers you will find in the result don’t have any urgency but they use the word “urgent” because many people prefer to search for this word on OLX & Quikr.

But most of these sellers who use ‘urgent’ tag in their listing title and description are dealers. So first thing you need to do is use the filter given on the left sidebar of the sites to search items from Individual only.

Many of the dealers know that buyers prefer to buy from individual so they post multiple ads even as individual. You need to be smart enough to find these dealers from individual listings.

After you find individual sellers with urgent need, follow the next step.

3. Check & Compare Details and Price

Because the item was purchased sometime back by the seller, the current price is not the same as when it was purchased. In most of the cases, the price will be lower. So here is the exercise you need to do-

A true seller with urgent need sell it’s stuff for much lower price than the above calculation.

So if you have found some of the good seller on OLX or Quikr who are selling their product at a much lower rate and if their product quality is good then follow  the the next topic where you will find my main trick.

4. Close the deal as soon as possible

This is one of the most important step you need to take. The main focus of the whole article is this point only. After finding a good seller either on OLX or Quikr, you need to close the deal as soon as possible.

If you are late even by an hour, then you may lose the deal!

You must be surprised, why?

Because many of the people are running their businesses on such deals only!!

If you browse OLX or Quikr, you will find many dealers for old & used products. Although they have other sources as well for stocking used items but their main source is “sellers with urgent need” on OLX & Quikr.

They hire people in their shop to continuously monitor OLX & Quikr for new & urgent seller who are selling their product at a much lower rate. They are ready with the cash and as soon as they find someone with a good deal, they contact the seller, convince him and close the deal.

So when you find a good seller with low price then you need to call him immediately and fix the meeting in next 1-2 hours only.

You can say something like “you are going out of city for next 2-3 days” or “I need to buy it urgently to give it to someone” or whatever (I know you are smart).

Then before giving him the cash, you need to confirm for the quality and the bills for assurance.

So I hope, you have found a good product either from OLX or Quikr using above tips & tricks.

Oh, not yet!

Then keep  reading the next but the last point.

5. Check OLX & Quikr every 1 hour

There are chances that you have not found any good deal yet, because you just started to find someone on OLX. If someone comes with a good deal on OLX, it will catch the eye of the dealer and he will buy it before you get any chance.

Don’ worry because every 1-2 minutes someone posts an ad for selling his used item. Just visit the sites and check the most recent ads there. Keep on refreshing every hour to find dozens of new ads and look for the good deals.

As soon as you find a new seller with urgent need or good deal, contact him and settle the deal fast before he starts getting calls from the dealers.

I am sure, you can find a good deal in 1-2 days time.