17 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly

Gift cards have always been a popular gifting option – especially around the holiday season. They also make for a safe bet when you’re confused about what to buy for the other person.

But for the many who get such gift cards every season it become a tad difficult – more so when the cards are not exactly in sync with their tastes and when they would much rather prefer to have got cash instead.

So what do you do in situation like this?

Well you could consider trading or selling your unwanted gift cars – for cold hard cash – instead. Surprised? Well, don’t be. It’s very much possible to turn gift cards into cash.

And to make it even easier for, we have listed 17 best places to sell gift cards online which will give you some instant cash. Take a look.

17 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards For Cash

1. GiftCardBin

Sellers here have the option of either selling gift cards online or in-store for instant cash by visiting any of their 400 partner locations in the US & Canada.

Those choosing the online option have to first create an account, share the card information to receive an offer.

Once accepted, the sender is then required to send the gift card and a copy of the email containing the transaction number back to the company.

Upon verification, the payment is credited via PayPal.

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2. QuickcashMI

It is a Michigan-based online marketplace to sell gift cards for cash. It offers gift card buyers and sellers a common platform to buy and sell your gift cards safely.

QuickcashMI buys discounted gift cards from the sellers directly, verifies their authenticity and balance of each gift card and then holds them until a buyer is found.

Sellers receive a check in the mail within a couple of days of their gift cards being verified and their balance confirmed by the company.

3. Monstergiftcard

Another best place to sell gift cards for cash online is Monstergiftcard. MGC accepts gift cards with a value between $10-200 only.

Sellers have to first register online and then match their card with the price being offered online. If accepted, the card and a special bar code (emailed to the seller) is then sent to the MGC.

Upon successful verification, the payment check is dispatched within 3-5 business days or credited instantly using Dwolla.

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4. Raise

Raise is an online marketplace to trade gift cards for cash that allows you to list your unwanted gift cards – for sale – for a price of your choosing.

Once the card finds a buyer, you get paid via check or direct credit to your bank/PayPal account.

5. Gift Card Granny

Another very popular online website for people looking to sell gift cards for cash.

It allows sellers to choose from multiple options, namely.

6. CardKangaroo

Users of this online platform are required to mail their surplus gift cards for verification and payment – after accepting the cash offer made for them by CardKangaroo.

Payments are then dispatched via check sent by mail (which may take up to a week) or an instant credit using PayPal – as per the seller’s preference.

7. SellMeGiftCard

One of the most popular website to exchange gift cards for cash is SellMeGiftCard.

The website describes itself as the world’s biggest Amazon gift card exchange site – so this one is only for those who want to flip an Amazon gift card. The way it works is the seller enters all the basic card information to receive an offer for his card(s).

If ok, he needs to enter other info such as the claim code, card balance, PayPal & email id. Once the balance is confirmed, the money is credited into his PayPal account.

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8. EJgiftcards

This site allows you to choose the specific gift card you wish to sell from their exhaustive list of major brand stores and food chains. Next, you enter the balance dollar amount on the card to instantly receive a purchase offer.

If you’re ok with the offer price, you need to enter the card number and pin – associated with the correct card value. Register and login and enter your PayPal email address to receive the cash.

9. GiftCardSpread

Here it’s the seller who fixes the price for the gift card(s) he wants to sell by filling in an online form. The website reverts back with a confirmation or a counter offer. If the seller agrees, he has to upload his ID & credit card details and card information within 24 hours.

Once the personal and card information is verified – the payment is processed almost immediately.

10. CardPool

One of the most trusted online gift card exchange platforms. You can sell gift cards here to earn upto 92% of their value (depending on the brand) back in cash.

All you need to do is share the card details online for verification to get an instant offer. If acceptable, you will be asked to send your card to Cardpool.

Upon receipt, you will be paid via check- usually within one business day.

11. CardCash

One of the easiest ways to get cash for gift cards instantly. Just enter your gift card details on their website and they make you an offer.

If you’re lucky – you could end up making up to 92% of the card value. Payments are made via check or a direct credit to your PayPal account, usually within a couple of days.

You can also trade your card for a brand new one from their list of available brands.

12. CardSwap

A website popular among Canadians looking to sell gift cards for cash. Sellers stand to make up to 92 percent of the value of their unused/partially used gift cards.

The site lists the card on their website for buyers who may be interested in acquiring them.

Buyers who use CardSwap to buy gift cards also stand to earn SwapPoints – a special rewards program that enables them to redeem points for gift cards or cash.

13. ABCgiftcards.com

Here you can buy and sell gift cards online just like some of the other sites mentioned earlier. In case of a sale, the seller needs to first enter details of his gift card on their site, post which he is mailed their best offer.

For some of the more in-demand cards, a seller can make upto 90% of the face value of the card itself. The website also allows you to exchange your existing card for a new one from their list of options.

Payments are dispersed via check or PayPal credit within a couple of days after the transaction is completed.

14. eBay

You can also convert gift cards to cash via selling it on eBay if you’re really desperate. But first check the prices of similar cards sold on this auction site first.

Also check the recent sale listings for the specific brand of gift cards that you want to sell online.

This way you will know both the prices they sold for and the demand for them. Most popular cards usually sell for about 60-80% of their face value.

15. Craigslist

They don’t have a specific category for gift cards, hence you will have to post it in the closest relevant category. For example, if you have a gift card from American Eagle or Banana Republic, you might try posting it in the clothing category.

People browsing this website are usually looking for a discount – so do price your cards accordingly. Start with about 90% of their value and drop further if they don’t sell within a few days.

Also it’s much safer to conclude the actual transaction in a public place, where the buyer can verify the card and you have cameras recording the sale, lest something goes wrong.

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16. Pls247

If you’re on the lookout for an option to sell gift cards inperson, a visit to the nearest PLS store may be worth your while. They buy new or partially used gift cards (with a balance above $20 and below $400 only).

All you need to do is drop in at the store, flash a valid state-issued ID and debit or credit card to get a free quote on your gift cards.

If acceptable, you can then have the money credited to your card or handed over to you in cash – to spend it as you may.

17. Host a Garage Sale

For those of you who think listing a gift card online or visiting an offline store is too much work, you can also sell your gift cards from home – by hosting a garage sale.

Of course, you may not get as good a price – since it all depends on the level of interest from the prospective shoppers who drop in – but you never know.

Do encourage the buyer to call the 1-800 number listed behind every card to verify the balance before buying the card.

In Conclusion

Always remember that gift card exchanges tend to lower the exchange values post the holiday season – so don’t wait too long to sell your stack.

Also the longer you keep them with you the more likely you are to forget about using them or exchanging them for cash.

Last but not the least, in case you opt for another gift card (in lieu of cash), make sure you check the balance before closing the deal.