15 International Shopping Sites that Ships Products to India

There are dozens of top notch shopping sites in India. You can find almost every item on their catalogue. But what if you are not able to find a product on these Indian shopping sites that operates within the country.

Then you have to look out for other international shopping sites that are shipping their products to India.

In this article we give you a list of 15 such ecommerce sites that are shipping their products to India. They are not new but you need to know them.

Advantages of International Shopping Sites

One of the best things about international shopping sites is that you can order a product that you can’t find here. If you want to import something that is not available in India then you can easily do so.

Moreover I love international shopping sites because they have a brand name that you don’t get with ecommerce sites in India.

And there are many products that is much cheaper on these sites as compared to Indian price for the same product.

Disadvantages of International Shopping Sites

However there is also a flipside with International shopping sites.

So here is the list of 15 international shopping sites.

1. Amazon.com

The first international shopping site in our list is Amazon.com. As you know it is an international website based in US. amazonamazon

However it ships products to India also. The problem I experienced with Amazon is that the shipping charges are just off the charts.

If you are ordering an item for $50 then you will end up paying $40 to $45 extra because of shipping charges.

So total cost would be like $90 for just one item.

2. AliExpress

Ali Express is also a popular international shopping site from China willing to ship its product in India. AliExpressAliExpress

It offers various products from clothing to automobile from gadgets to toys. They ship their products to India also and the shipping charges are relatively less than Amazon.

The site is relatively new but it is gaining popularity among buyers.

3. JCPenny

JCPenny is all American shopping sites with lots of product that you may or may not find in India. JCPennyJCPenny

The site is primarily filled with apparels for women and men. If you want to wear designers’ clothes then you can go to JC Penny.

However there is a delay when they ship their products to India.

4. Macy’s

Why I mentioning Macy’s at fourth place. MacysMacys It is because they have started shipping to India recently.

They do add all the duties and taxes while checkout just like any other shopping site.

They also claim not to charge anything extra at the delivery. There prices are also low compared to international shipping rates.

5. eBay

As you know eBay’s Global Easy Buy let’s you to buy from its international site and let the products ship to India. eBayeBay

Shopping on eBay is quite safe because they hold your money in escrow until product reaches you.

6. Etsy

Etsy also ships its product to India. The special about Etsy is about its vintage jewelry. You can find items that are not available elsewhere. EtsyEtsy

However you have to be careful with the item you are importing because their customer service is not that good.

7. Toys R Us

Toys R Us is a shopping site from US. It does ship its product to India.Toys_R_UsToys_R_Us

The website is popular for Toys and things related to it. So visit the site and find out more there.

8. Sears

Sears is also an international shopping site that you need to know. It has been shipping products to India for a while now. SearsSears

They ship their products to almost every other major country in the world. Their customer service is also good compared to other international sites.

9. New Egg

If you love gadgets especially desktop and laptop then go and shop at New Egg. New_EggNew_Egg

Although they don’t ship every product on their catalogue but they do ship few of them. Recently I bought i7 Intel processor from the site.

The shipping charges are too high.

10. The Body Shop

The_Body_ShopThe_Body_ShopThe body Shop is an UK based shopping site that ships its product to India also. The site is great when it comes to accessories like body care products and other perfumes.

If you are living in metro cities then you can find the retail shops of The Body Shop in many of the shopping malls

11. Overstock

If you don’t like major sites like Amazon and eBay then you can choose Overstock. OverstockOverstock

Overstock sells almost everything and they ship it to India also. However the shipping charges could cost you an arm and a leg.

The money that you end up paying for a product is just too much.

12. Café Express

Café Express is great for gifting something to your closed one. I like this website. Café_ExpressCafé_Express

They sell mugs, shirts, posters, pillow etc.

Café Express shipping charges are moderately low. They charge at least 10% of the product’s original price.

13. J Crew

J Crew is a shopping site from USA. The site is great for shopping clothes and otherJ_CrewJ_Crew accessories related to it.

They ship directly to India and you can buy anything you like by directly going to the website.

Their customer support is also good.

14. B & H Photo Video

The final Site in our list that sends product to India is B & H video. B_H_Photo_VideoB_H_Photo_Video

The site is really great for shopping gadgets like cameras.

The customer support is also great.

15. ASOS

ASOS is totally a shopping site dedicated to high fashion. ASOSASOS

Although it does not ship to India but they are planning to ship products to India very soon.

So these were some of the international sites that are shipping their products to India.

One thing that I want to say in the end is it is useless to import products from these websites because shipping charges are way too high.

If you order a product for $100 then you end up paying up to $170 to $180 including shipping charges.

So avoid shopping at international sites.